Proactiv Review First Impressions

This post was sponsored by Proactiv as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central. I received complimentary products to facilitate my review.

Let me first start out by giving a little history on myself and my face. This will be a two post series with this one being my first impression, and then I will be coming back in and telling you how well the product actually worked for me. Ok, now on to my face. Goodness, my face. It is horrid. I am a self-proclaimed concealer and contouring queen. I have always been struggling with my face and it is a true pizza face. When I was just 11 I was cursed with full-blown breakouts. I tried my hardest to cover it up, but what mother would really let their 11-year-old wear makeup caked on their face. So I did what I could. Every day someone picked on me with my face and someone even went to the point of throwing a dime at me and told me they were tired of looking at my nasty face and to get some face wash. Problem was, I had tried almost everything. Well, I told my mother what happened and we kept trying alternatives. This was back when Proactiv was just coming out and with my mother raising me on her own with no help from my dad, it was just not in her budget and I was ok with it. I wish I could say that the years got better, but they really didn’t. I just learned how to apply foundation, concealer, and powder to cover everything up. When my Senior year of highschool rolled around, everyone thought I had done something to my face, but it was just makeup. Even know, at 28 I have such horrible skin and still get embarrassed going to the store without my face on. I sit there and look in the mirror and see my old, awkward teenage self staring back at me.

Proactiv Box

I was so excited, beyond words, when I found out I was going to get to try out the Proactiv system and share my thoughts with my readers. In my package, I received the Proactiv three step system, along with the Advanced Daily Oil Control and the Oil Free Moisturizer. Now this post is just going to go into my first impressions of the product and to give you a before picture. The next post will show you my actual results from using this product.

1. Scent – I was really expecting this to smell a lot like medicine. I tried one cream from another brand and whenever I breathed in I smelled a very strong scent of medicine. Now with Proactiv, they all had a very soft scent that did not overpower everything else and did not linger on your skin until you washed your face again. Now the toner did have the medicine type smell, but that’s toner for ya. It did not linger around though and make me smell like a walking pharmacy.

2. Packaging – The packaging was very nice. In fact, I keep the products in the original packaging to keep it together easier. As soon as you open up the box, everything is laid out nice and neat for you. The instructions are written right on the inside of the box as well as in a little pamphlet.

3. Texture – I was really worried that the cleanser was going to be really rough on my skin. There was one cleanser I tried, from another brand, that did more damage than good. I still have a scar on my face from using it. I was very surprised. The cleanser is a little gritty, but it is a good gritty feeling and it gets deep into the skin to remove all of the makeup, dirt, oil and anything else that has gotten into these huge pores on my face. The Repairing Treatment was by far the best feeling. It was very silky and I could see myself using it every day. That along with the Advanced Daily Oil Control are so silky and make my skin feel wonderful.

Now that you have seen my first thoughts, keep checking in to see my final thoughts. In case you didn’t know, Proactiv has been around for over 15 years and in that time, it has been the top-selling facial products to get rid of acne. To find out more info, visit here.

**Warning** Below you will see actual before photos of acne and oily skin. Your eyes have been warned.

 Proactiv First

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