Product Reviews:

We take pride in all of our reviews being fair and honest. Products must have a value of $50 and products will not be returned. Each review will be written within 4-8 weeks. This gives us time to properly review the product and to form our honest opinions. All links will be marked as No-Follow, no exceptions. Proper FTC will be disclosed on every post. Original images will be used and rights belong to Sweet Southern Lovin. Product Reviews will be SEO Friendly.


My readers love giveaways, and is a great way to get your social media numbers up. Giveaways will run for 1 week (products with a min. value of $25) or 2 weeks (products with a min. value of $50). Giveaways with a value of less than $50 will be promoted on Sweet Southern Lovin. Giveaways with a value of $50 or more will be promoted + 3 or more other blogs. Per Facebook’s Terms, Conditions, and Guidelines, we cannot make it mandatory for someone to “like” your page. They will receive 25 entries for “liking” or “following” you. I also cannot add any Google+ or Pin to Pinterest, according to their Terms, Conditions, and Guidelines. Giveaways will be promoted daily. Winners will have 48 hours to respond to winning email. Once I have received their shipping information, I will then forward it to the sponsor. Sweet Southern Lovin will not ship prizes, so please do not send them. We will ship prizes only if you send compensation for postage and time for packaging and driving to the post office.

• If you would like to do a giveaway without a review, there will be a charge. Giveaways will be promoted the same as the others and links will be No-Follow. The fee for this is $100.

Advertising and Sponsored Info:

I would love to write a sponsored post for you. We have a few different options available:

Sponsored Post $150 : This post can either be prewritten or I will write it up. This post will contain up to 3 backlinks. The post will have at least 400-500 words. Proper FTC Guidelines and disclosures will be used. Links will be marked as No-Follow (please do not ask for Do-Follow Links). Sponsored post will also be SEO friendly and promoted multiple times on Sweet Southern Lovin and 2 or more additional blog’s social media pages.

Review of an App or eBook $100 : This post will be written by Sweet Southern Lovin. This post will contain up to 2 backlinks. Company must provide images and links. The post will have at least 300 words. Proper FTC Guidelines and disclosures will be used. Links will be marked as No-Follow (please do not ask for Do-Follow Links).

Ads: If you would like to place your ad on the Side Bar or Footer on Sweet Southern Lovin, check out our rates. All images must be no more than 250 pixels wide.

30 Days: $60

60 Days: $100

90 Days: $155

Social Media Blast: If you would like for us to promote your product on our social media without doing a review, we would be happy. For $5, you can get your product blasted on all of our social media once.

Payments must be made within 24 hours of post/ad going live or the post will be taken down.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss any of these options further, please email me at Michelle@sweetsouthernlovin.com

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