Red Baron Pizza – A Family Tradition

Red Baron Pizza

Since I was little, it has always been my mom and I. My father ran out when I was only a few days old and never turned around. My grandparents were around, but since I can remember it has always been me and my mom. It was very hard for her being a single parent and getting no support from my father but that did not stop her. I never went without and had an amazing life, especially memories and traditions. One of my favorite meals, when I was growing up, was Red Baron Pizza. I remember nights when my mother would pick up two Red Baron Cheese Pizza’s and a ton of toppings and we would create our own Red Baron Pizza’s. It was one of my best childhood memories.


Me as a kid!

Let’s fast forward several few years. Well, maybe like a decade or two (geez I feel old). I am now married with two kids of my own. I still carry on this tradition with my daughters. We love to pick up some Red Baron Pizza’s and decorate our pizza’s with our favorite toppings. This has become a standing date for my daughters and me, and my husband joins us when we can. Some days I can even get my mother to join us for Pizza Night and we have so much fun talking about when I was younger and telling my daughter’s about the past. What I love about Red Baron is how affordable it is and it does not skip out on flavor and taste.

Red Baron Pizza

Red Baron pizzas start with the perfect crust that has a satisfying texture and baked to a delicious golden brown. It is topped with a robust sauce containing the right medley of herbs and spices, plus an abundance of delicious cheese. A pizza everyone can enjoy!

Red Baron Pizza 3

Red Baron comes in many different varieties! Check them out:

•Classic Crust Pizza

•Brick Oven Pizza

•Rising Crust Pizza

•Thin & Crispy Pizza

•Deep Dish Singles

•French Bread Singles

•Deep Dish Minis


My kids love Red Baron Pizza

Our favorite is the Brick Oven and Rising Crust. Both are the perfect type of crust and just enough tomato sauce. Which one is your family’s favorite?

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  1. Lauryn R says

    We love Red Baron pizzas in our house! My favorite is the thin crust pepperoni. I like to add fresh cheese and ingredients to mine, it really adds freshness and makes it taste even better! :)

  2. Terri S. says

    My son and I tried Red Baron Pizza many years ago and we LOVED it! Many years have passed, he’s married now. Whenever he visits, I make sure I have it in my freezer for him and our whole family to enjoy when we watch a movie. The Deep Dish Singles are our favorite. :-)

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