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Boost Mobile is a part of Sprint Prepaid Group. Boost Mobile has been providing customers with great phones, plans, and data for an extremely low price. Boost offers you Sprint 4G LTE Network and reaching more than 250 million people, Boost Mobile redefines value for wireless consumers with more data for less and no long-term contracts. Its award-winning customer service has been recognized more than eight times. 

Boost Mobile 1

Boost Mobile offers 3 different plans, all with awesome data rates! The plans feature no annual contracts and no roaming charges. Check out the plans:

• $35 per month: Unlimited Talk, Text & Data (Includes 1GB of High Speed 3G/4G Data)

• $45 per month: Unlimited Talk, Text & Data (Includes 5GB of High Speed 3G/4G Data) *Best Value*

• $55 per month: Unlimited Talk, Text & Data (Includes 10GB of High Speed 3G/4G Data)

Head over here and check out their service area to see how well the coverage is in your area. Boost Mobile also gives you the option to get insurance on your phone, as well as turning it into a Daily Mobile Hotspot *Select Devices*.  I was so excited to get the opportunity to check out the Samsung Galaxy S5 from Boost Mobile. The S5 is considered to be the next big thing, and I have to agree. This phone is pretty awesome. First, let me tell you about all of the awesome features of this phone:

Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy S5 3

• Runs on Android 4.4.2 – Kit Kat is probably my favorite version of Android available. It is very quick and the design is very sleek.

• 16 Megapixel Camera and 2 Megapixel front facing camera. I have to say, this is one of my most favorite features of this phone. I love taking pictures of my kids all throughout the day, and the S5 makes it so much easier to take their pictures. My camera is only 14 Megapixels, so I have enjoyed the sharper and more clear pictures. There are also a lot of great apps available on Google Play for you to use to edit your pictures and even make collages.

•2.5 GHz quad-core processor. Ok this phone just keeps getting better and better. The graphics on this phone are simply amazing. When I first turned on the phone I had to keep making sure that the screen didn’t have a sticker on it (like they do on the display models at the store) the graphics were that clear. Watching Youtube videos on this phone just got a million times better as well.

• IP67 Water and Dust Resistant – Ok, if you are a mom or dad you need this phone. The Galaxy S5 has an IP67 certification, which means this phone is resistant to sweat, rain, liquids, sand and even dust. So no worries if your little one decides to make a boat out of your phone or try to build a sandcastle out of it. The phone can withstand almost anything.

• 5.1 inch HD Super AMOLED display: This goes back to the graphics also. The phone gives you bright images and a rich color display with a resolution of 1920 x 1080. This phone has me spoiled. It is just so clear and crisp that there is no other phone that is comparable.

Screenshot_2014-11-16-15-05-41[1] Screenshot_2014-11-16-15-06-33[1]

• Heart Rate Sensor and S Health. I love the S Health APP. If you are wanting to lose weight and keep up with your workouts and calories better, S Health is the only App to use. I love that it also kept up with how many calories I burned and how many steps I walked. It also has a heart rate sensor on the back where you place your finger over the sensor and it will tell you your heart rate. What other phone can do that?

• HD Voice – Does it really surprise you that this phone also has super awesome call quality??

Samsung Galaxy S5 1 Samsung Galaxy S5 2

I do not think I can talk this phone up enough. It is a really awesome phone to have. I love reading books, so I installed the Kindle App and even reading books has been more of a joy because its like I have a real book in my hand. I also loved how long the Galaxy S5 stayed charged. My husband has the Samsung Galaxy Ace Style, and while they are the same brand his phone has to be charged two to three times a day, the Galaxy S5 only had to be charged once a day. I even went two days without needing to charge it, and that is browsing Youtube, playing around on Facebook and talking to my mother and husband.

Now let me tell you about the service quality. I was a little worried when the coverage for my area was a light green, which means “good coverage”. I have heard a few people say that our area does not do well with Sprint. When I received the phone the first thing I did was call my mother. I was really surprised by how well the coverage was. I did not lose signal, the conversation didn’t sound like I was going in and out of service areas, and the quality was very clear. I have around 3 to 4 bars of service in my area, where as my husbands phone (which is with a different prepaid company and suppose to be the best for our area) had 2 to 3 bars of service in and around our house. The pricing on the plans is also really good. For their lowest plan is only $35 a month. My husband pays $50 a month for his phone, and Boost Mobile is as good, if not better than his.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is well worth the price. The S5 from Boost Mobile would make the perfect gift for the Tech Savvy person on your list. This phone can withstand anything. Head on over here to purchase one today.

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  1. James Robert says

    My daughter is asking for a phone this year for Christmas and the plan is a great price with the unlimited text, etc for $55 a month I think

  2. Rebecca Swenor says

    I would love to have a phone like this one and the plans are amazing too. I love the 16 megapixel for the camera. I also love taking pictures and this is an amazing camera indeed. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Ruth Griffeth says

    Thank you so much for a great review, I love the large screen with the Gorilla glass, and the quad core prossesor

  4. TrippyCusp93 says

    I really love the sleek, smooth and high-tech style this phone has. I especially love the Heart Rate Sensor and S Health app. I think this would be the feature I would use the most! I’ve always wanted a phone that would help me reach my weight loss goals!

  5. TrippyCusp93 says

    I really love the sleek, smooth and high-tech style this phone has. I especially love the Heart Rate Sensor and S Health app. I think this would be the feature I would use the most! I’ve always wanted a phone that would help me reach my weight loss goals!!

  6. Gale McCarron says

    Hubby just dropped his and smashed the face. Of course he keeps hinting how he’s in need for a new one but they’re not cheap. I love all the bells and whistles on this one and it certainly would help tons to win it. Keeping my fingers crossed. Thanks for the review!

  7. Anita Duvall says

    The price of the service really sounds good to me. Not to mention the coverage area they have now

  8. says

    What an amazing looking and sounding phone! I have an S3 and I love it, and I love my mom’s S4, so I can only imagine how much I’d love the S5! 😀

  9. Melissa George says

    i love the heart rate feature and also the camera. its a very cool phone and a must need. i like the power function too which helps to save battery.

  10. Cristy Ridey says

    This phone has a lot of great features. It would make a great Christmas present for my husband. It would be a huge upgrade from his iPhone 4/

  11. paula v says

    oh my gosh i’d love to have this phone. i have never owned a smart phone and the samsung would be a great one. great review.

  12. Randi Nemeroff says

    I really like all the features this phone has… the bp feature is pretty neat. I dunno I’ve never had a samsung phone before, but I hear nothing but good things about them….so maybe I should give them a shot.

  13. says

    My husband has the Samsung Galaxy Ace Style with Straight talk and he loves it! Samsung is an awesome phone. Even though it is an android, Samsung offers more than a regular android phone.

  14. Cassie says

    I would really like to have one of these. Can’t convince myself to spend the money on it though…

  15. Mary Withrow says

    I am currently looking for a new phone company and this phone is impressive, along with the prices. Very nice review

  16. Marilyn Nawara says

    Their prices for monthly service are great — I’m going to look at switching carriers since this is a much better deal that I have right now. Thanks!

  17. Vicki Howes says

    I’m sold – Santa needs a new phone to give to my sister. This is perfect – thanks for the review.

  18. Angela W says

    Thanks for the great review. This sounds like a great phone that I could give my teenage daughter, with an awesome monthly fee

  19. Tina M says

    I would love to have this phone. Not sure how boost works in my area. I’ll have to check it out.

  20. Fatima Luna says

    Looking forward to the heart monitor and the longer battery life. Would be a great Christmas present to myself.

  21. Tamra Phelps says

    I think the camera on this phone sounds great. The camera on my current phone is useless. This phone looks great!

  22. Stephanie Larison says

    Wow lots of great options at great prices too. That’s a sweet phone, a lot nicer than what I have lol.

  23. rene chartier says

    I like the android platform of the Samsung Galaxy. I have an older Samsung that has served me well but I would love to have an updated version as this one. Rene Chartier

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