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Scratch Wireless is a Wi-Fi First mobile operator with free text, talk and data. There is no contracts. As long as you are connected to Wi-Fi then you pay nothing for your wireless service. If Wi-Fi is not available you can still text for free. If you are needing service for when there isn’t any Wi-Fi, Scratch Wireless also offers data passes on the Sprint Network for as little as $1.99.

Sweet Southern Lovin had the opportunity to work with Scratch Wireless to review their service that came with the Motorola Photon Q. The Motorola Photon Q comes with a 4.3 TFT LCD screen display, 4G LTE, dual cameras and the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. It also features a slide out keyboard and speech recognition technology. You can find out all the specs here. With Scratch Wireless you literally can call, text and have data for free as long as it is connected to Wi-Fi. If there isn’t any Wi-Fi connection then they have the options for data passes. Their pass are per 24 hour or 30 day. With the 24 hour pass you can purchase a data pass for $1.99 and/or the voice pass for $1.99. With the 24 hour data pass you get 25 MBs of cellular data. With the 24 hour voice pass you get up to 30 minutes of cellular calling. The 30 day pass you can purchase the data pass for $14.99 and/or the voice pass for $14.99. With the 30 day data pass you get 200 MBs of data, if you don’t reach your maximum it only lasts for the 30 days. With the 30 day voice pass you get 250 minutes of talk time, if you don’t reach your maximum it only last for 30 days. With the pass though there is never any obligations or contracts. Also with the passes it will still connect to Wi-Fi when available and it is free when it does that, so you only use what you need when you need it.

I was really excited when I found out I was going to be able to work with Scratch Wireless. I had never heard of a service before where you could have talk, text and data all while on Wi-Fi. The phone is really a great phone. I love the slide out keyboard, especially for pre-teen or teen fingers. With them typing fast and all the slide out keyboard helps with that. It slides smoothly too. The phone runs so smooth on the Wi-Fi First service. It was easy to set up and literally I could make a phone call within 5 minutes of turning the phone on for the first time. The call was clear with no issues. I would like if they could make it where you could pick a number that fits with your area of living. It gave me a out of state number. When a green dot appears in the top right hand corner of the phone you know you either have the Wi-Fi Scratch Wireless service or are using a pass. You can actually add voice or data passes right from your phone as well. You just go to the scratch app on your home screen and select “add voice or data”. I love that because there isn’t any having to go online or call someone to do it. Which can be aggravating. I don’t know about you, but I can’t stand talking to an automated machine. It has everything that any other service usually provides. It has the play store on it to download apps, and which kid or teenager doesn’t love apps. I really think this is the perfect phone for kids especially if you have kids that stay over night at someones house, or are older and drive, or even stay after school for extra-curricular activities. When is the last time you paid $30.00 for your teenagers cellphone service? Because if you purchase both the 30 day voice and data passes that is what it will cost you per month, and that is only for when Wi-Fi isn’t available. It is so simple that I even let my 6 year old twin girls use it. They use it to text their dad when he is working. Just last week he ended up having to work night shift and they didn’t get to see him much, so they girls were able to talk to their dad on their own through text since there wasn’t any Wi-Fi available.

To find out more about Scratch Wireless or to get one for yourself, go here.

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  1. Lauryn R says

    This sounds like a great service! I use my phone constantly for internet, too. I will definitely be checking this out! Thanks for the review. :)

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