Somersault Snacks {Review}

Somersault Snack Co.  brings new meaning to sunflower seeds. Somersault Snack Co.  was founded in 2009 and they are located in California. The Somersault team is composed of a natural foodies from Bay Area who wanted a tasty snack that was also full of nutrition.
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Sweet Southern Lovin has had the opportunity to work with Somersault Snack Co. and they are our first review being featured on Sweet Southern Lovin! I received a sample pack which included a sample pack of each of their flavors; Pacific Sea Salt, Cinnamon Crunch, Salty Pepper, Dutch Cocoa, and Santa Fe Salsa. I received a 1 oz pack of the Pacific Sea Salt and Cinnamon Crunch and a 6 oz bag of Pacific Sea Salt .  I love sunflower seeds but hardly eat them because it is just so much work trying to get the seed out of the shell that I just don’t want to waste my time with it. The first thing I noticed about these snacks is it gives your body the same amount of protein as an almond does but it only has half the fat and 1/3 the carbs and 95% less sugar than energy bars and the same amount of fiber as an apple but with 92% less sugar!
I loved the Pacific Sea Salt. The sunflower seeds mixed with the sea salt really made an enjoyable salty snack.
The Dutch Cocoa is the perfect snack when you are wanting something to kill your sweet tooth but be healthy for you at the same time.
The Cinnamon Crunch was by far my favorite! There is just enough cinnamon in there so its not overpowering the taste of the sunflower seeds. I could eat these every day.
The Salty Pepper was something my husband and I both liked. It is a little on the spicy side but it combines with the sunflower seeds perfectly.
Other than the cinnamon crunch, the Santa Fe Salsa was my other favorite. The snacks taste like a corn chip dipped in salsa but so much better for you. I would definitely buy these in the store.
If you would like to purchase a pack of Somersault Snacks you can visit here to purchase them online or head over here to find a store near you that carries Somersault Snacks.

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