Stay cool with a NewAir AF – 1000W White Portable Evaporative Cooler + Built-In Air Purifier #Review


Living in the South, it gets beyond hot during the days. In order to keep it cool in the house, we have to keep the air conditioner on 70 just to be able to stay halfway cool. From doing all of this our light bill sky rockets. I was searching around one day trying to find out cheaper alternatives to staying cooler and without having to have a big and bulky air conditioner unit in the windows. That is when I came across NewAir. NewAir is the premier provider of appliances built to fit your home. They design products to make everyday life easier. Since 2002, they have been making high quality products that are very easy to use and efficient

We were sent the NewAir AF – 1000W White Portable Evaporative Cooler with Built-In Air Purifier. When I received our new unit I was really excited to try it out because I have never seen anything quite like this. This model can take the humidity in the air and turn it into cold air. If the air is not humid, you can place cold water and ice cubes into the water reservoir tank for cold air. I was a little worried that with how small the tank looked that I would be filling it up with water a lot. I was really surprised when I looked in there after 10 hours and saw a lot of water left. If that is not enough, it also features a fan to keep you cool. Something I didn’t notice until the other day is that it oscillates. Still can’t think it can get any better? This unit also has an Ionizer and Carbon Filter. What this means is not only will it make your house cooler, but it will also make the air pure. This unit has the Ti02 air filter and ionizer. It removes bad allergens, dust, and smells from the air. I keep this part on all day to make the air cleaning for my family and it also gets rid of any weird smells in the air. The NewAir AF-1000W will cool a room and freshen up the air in a room up to 300 Square Feet. At night I put this in our bedroom because it gets so stuffy and its keeps us cool, then I move it into the living room during the day to purify the air. The unit is very lightweight and has wheels on the bottom, which makes transporting it from room to room easy. To make it even better, it is also one of the most effective residential evaporating cooling units around. Not only can it keep your room colder by up to 30 degrees, but with its energy efficiency it is easy on your light bill. On the NewAir AF-1000W, it has a digital temperature reader on it to tell you how hot/cold it is in the room its in. You can set the it on 3 speeds, 1 being low, 2 being medium, and 3 being high. Now here comes the best part… it also comes with a remote control!! Yes you can turn it on/off and even program it on a timer to automatically turn on/off. This is really one of the neatest and coolest machines I have ever seen.

NewAir 2

NewAir 3Check out this video I made showing the unit in a little bit more detail.

This model is available to purchase on here for $199.99. After searching around, trying to find similar units, the cheapest I found was over $275 and it did not feature the energy efficiency that the NewAir AF – 1000W has. This is a must have in every home and will pay for itself within a few months.
NewAir offers products for Air Quality Control, Wine & Beverage and even Home Appliances. Head on over to their site and check out all of the products that they have to offer.
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  1. humera mohammad says

    wo never heard of this evaporative cooler looks like it can save my money thanks for a detailed and awesome review

  2. Kelly Faber says

    I keep seeing all these portable air coolers on blogs and I am so jealous!! It has been so hot here and it costs so much to run the air in the whole house! Would love one like these! I have never heard of an evaporative one before…that’s pretty neat! This is a great price too! Ones I have seen are well over that!

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