Summer Fun Activites For Kids

School is out and kids are bored. I know this all too well. My girls are going crazy sitting around inside and there is only so much they can do outside. Check out our list of fun activites you can do with your kids outside. Always put sunscreen on!

Chalk – This is a very fun way for younger kids to pass the time outside. Most chalk washes away with a good spray from the water hose. Crayola even makes 3D Chalk Sets and your kids will be able to watch them come to life.
Sprinkler – I don’t know why but kids love to just run through a sprinkler. My kids will sit outside for hours playing in the sprinkler. Also, doubles as watering the yard!
Picnic – There is just something different about eating lunch at the table, or packing a lunch and a blanket and going to sit outside for lunch. Kids will love it and mom will enjoy not having to clean up the crumbs from lunch.
Go Exploring – Even if its just around the outer corners of your backyard. The kids will love seeing what all is out there that they never paid attention to before.
Art – Younger kilds love to draw. They will think its even cooler if they can use sand and leaves. Make a little station outside with paper and glue. Let kids run around and collect things they would like to glue to their picture. Let their imagination run wild and see what kind pictures they come up with.
Build A Fairy Door – Girls especially will love this craft. Take popsicle sticks and glue them together. Then let the kids paint them however they want. Once dry, place against a tree, and maybe a fairy will use it to be released from the tree 😉
Gardening – Let your kids help you plant a garden. If you have younger kids I suggest planting things that are easy to grow. Kids will love taking care of their garden and watching it grow. They will get great pride seeing their first vegetable.
Water Balloon Fight – This is personally a favorite in our house. Its a fun way for kids to run around outside and stay cool.

*I received no compensation for this post. Enjoy*

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  1. April Johnson says

    my kids love art and drawing and picnincs are really great. we will be doing that a lot this summer

  2. nancyfancypink says

    Thanks for the ideas! With a busy 2 year old at home this summer, I definitely needed this. I thinks she will like the fairy door activity and the exploring adventure. Thanks again!

  3. Christina Gould says

    I love the picnic idea. Picnics have become so old-fashioned, but I hope they make a comeback. Thanks for the info!

  4. Carrie Stelzer says

    Thanks for all the good ideas.
    This will have to be our summer bucket list :)

  5. Alison Gibb says

    I know it is tough to keep the kids busy during the summer. You do have some great ideas. My son used to love the sprinkler!!

  6. Natalie Brown says

    Hello, I absolutely love your fairy door idea! I’m going to tell my friend about it so she can make it with her granddaughter. When I was young, the sprinkler was so much fun. That’s a good idea too! Thank-you for the fun ideas!

  7. Malissa Manney says

    thanks for all the great ideas! keeping the lil ones busy for summer is alwaya difficult. lol my daughter will love the fairy door idea 😉

  8. carmen miller says

    My grandkids enjoy using chalk outdoors or on patio. It washes right off, and keeps them busy.

  9. Candace P says

    Chalk is an excellent activity, keeps kids busy for hours and often they make new friends as neighbourhood kids come to draw too

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