5 Tips To Confidently Surviving Family Christmas Dinner

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What is better than opening presents on Christmas Morning? Family Dinner of course! Check out my 5 Tips To Confidently Surviving Family Christmas Dinner.

5 Tips To Confidently Surviving Family Christmas Dinner

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. From wrapping presents, putting up the Christmas tree, baking yummy goodies and attending all the parties, this season is truly magical. Check out 5 tips to CONFIDENTLY surviving the Family Christmas Dinner.

1.  Prepare your dish ahead of time. There is nothing worse than being all ready to go to dinner, just waiting on your dish to be done, and when you pull it out it is either burnt or does not look anything like the recipe. That is why it is a great idea to prepare your potluck dish ahead of time. Most dishes can be prepared the day before and either warmed up when you get to the party or prepare a cold dish. Preparing your dish the day ahead also give you room in case you mess up your dish and need to remake it.

2. Wear comfy clothes. Yeah, I know, I know. That cute holiday shirt and skinny jeans are just screaming to be worn with those cute boots. Let’s be real, though. When you are planning to eat lots of food (and lots because it’s the Family Christmas Dinner and the food is amazing) it is best to wear comfy clothes. Wear a cute blouse and elastic waist jeans so that you can be comfy and enjoy the family time.

3. Slow and steady wins the race. As good as all the food looks and with how much you want to shove it all in your mouth at one time, take things slow and snack throughout the meal. This way you can enjoy a little bit of everything and try it all out instead of just enjoying a lot of one or two things.

4. Bring pictures and share memories. No matter how much you love your family, there is bound to be an argument or two. That is just what happens with the greatest of families. Have a few old pictures, or bring pictures from past Family Christmas Dinners to bring out and help diffuse the situation. Old stories and memories is also an amazing way to keep the stress down and have fun family laughs.

5. Wear Poise Impressa Bladder Supports. As mother’s or those of us ladies that are getting older, Light Bladder Leakage is a problem. When you get around family, the laughs start pouring in and the LAST thing you want to feel during the holidays is like you can’t laugh and not feeling confident. Impressa helps you feel carefree and confident again. Impressa helps stop leaks before they happen, without the feeling of a big bulky pad that may or may not keep it all in. Impress is available at Walmart. First, you will want to get a sizing kit, which comes with three different sizes. From there you can see which one feels the comfiest and go from there.

5 Tips To Confidently Surviving Family Christmas Dinner

I was so close to not attending my family’s Chstimas dinner this year. I could not handle another embarrassment. Last year, I was laughing and feeling carefree until I got up and there was a wet spot on the couch. I had leaked when I laughed. There was no hiding it either, talk about wanting to go and hide under a rock. I lost all confidence and felt like a failure when it comes to woman and mommyhood. Thanks to Impressa, I will not let light bladder leakage from running my life. I can confidently laugh with the best of them, wrap presents and spread holiday cheer. Head over to your local Walmart today and start living confidently.

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