Beauty and the Beast New Clip + Printable Activity Sheets


My inner child is screaming right now! Today is the day that my children and I are loading up in the car and going to see Beauty and the Beast! I have been patiently awaiting this movie and now that it is finally out, I am jumping up and down for joy and counting down the hours until we pack up in the car and head over to the theater. If you are anything like me and trying your hardest to wait patiently, here are a few Printable Activity Sheets and a new clip to hold you over! About Beauty ...

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First Look: Beauty and the Beast Teaser Poster

Beauty and the Beast First Look Teaser Trailer

I am so excited to see this movie. Growing up, Beauty and the Beast was one of my favorite movies (if not my most favorite). I remember dressing up as Belle every Halloween. Once I had kids, they quickly fell in love with Chip, Belle, and the rest of the cast. Now, Beauty and the Beast is coming out again, but no longer a cartoon! It is now a live-action re-telling, with real people!! I can't wait to see how the Beast looks, and my daughter can't wait to see Chip. I'm sure you have already ...

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