This is a sponsored post by PetSmart and these opinions are 100% my own.

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Kaylee is five years old and looks up to everything her big sister does. Aubreigh has the responsibility of taking care of her own fish, which she got when she was five years old and that she has been taking care of ever since. I was thinking over the weekend that it was time to get my littlest creature her own little creature.

Now there are tons of places where you could get a pet fish, but we decided to visit PetSmart. They literally have everything you need to have a proper fish tank with the proper living conditions and everything in between. I figured if I was going to teach her about being responsible, I needed to get her everything that she needed. She was so excited to visit the fish section and she could not wait to pick out her new little pet. We browsed through the wide selection of fish. There were some big ones, some small ones, some red ones and shiny ones. When she finally set her eyes on the Betta Fish, she knew exactly which one she wanted to take home with her. The Betta Fish are very beautiful with long, flowing tails. She picked out a male fish (they are bigger than the females) and he was the most beautiful shade of red and blue.

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So we got our fish and then we selected everything else we needed, which was conveniently right there.

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We picked out a sparkly pink Aqueon 1 Gallon MiniBow Desktop Aquarium Kit, which is the perfect size for a Betta Fish. She picked this one out because she wanted to place her new fish on the girly white vanity in her room. It comes with everything you need to start using it as soon as you get home. Thankfully it also comes with a sample of Betta Fish Food and Water Conditioner (which was the only thing we forgot to get). Next we moved on to the rocks. She wanted the beautiful blue river rocks, which I have to say was the perfect addition. While this tank is perfect for one fish, it did not leave a lot of room so she went with a small plant to give the Betta something to hide in.

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Now how does this teach her responsibility? It teaches her the actions of doing (or not doing) what she should. Now, if she feeds the fish every day, she know that it will grow up to be big and strong. If she does not feed it every day, then she knows that it could get really sick and die (not that I would let that happen, though). Taking care of a fish is age-appropriate. She is five, and taking care of a fish is a perfect way to teach her about being a responsible pet owner. I could not expect her to do the same with a bigger animal. Taking care of her fish, she knows she has to do something every day and it becomes a routine. It starts getting her ready to be responsible for everyday chores when she gets older.

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She has grown to love her fish and is excited to be taking care of him every day. This can also teach her to be more caring towards others, especially with school starting soon. I saved the best for last. Taking care of her fish and seeing it thrive from her care will give her so much confidence and help her feel like she can take on the world.

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Having a fish has been the perfect little creature to teach my little creature about being responsible.

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