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The Ultimate Green Store makes it easy for you to be green. They carry many of the finest earth friendly products for you, your home & office, your little ones and even your pets!! Everyone in the family can go green. When you shop with The Ultimate Green Store, shopping green is no longer a sacrifice.

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Sweet Southern Lovin recently had the opportunity to work with The Ultimate Green Store. I love to be as green as I can, but with how much most things cost it is getting harder and harder to be green. I was so excited when I got the chance to work with them. I received the Recycled Wine Bottle Short Drinking Glass in Amber by Wine Punts. Wine Punts takes wine bottles and recycle them into drinking glasses. The bottom portion is made into glasses and the top half is recycled. I think these glasses are really cool. I have tried making them on my own before. Mine didn’t look as good as these. Each drinking glass is hand-made and inspected to make sure it lives up to the high standard set forth by Wine Punts. I was surprised by how sturdy and durable these glasses are. I believe they may be stronger than regular drinking glasses. They are a little thicker and feel more sturdy. Check out these product features for these cool glasses:

~100% Recycled from a Wine Bottle.

~Has an indented punt on the bottom.

~Drinking glasses have a fire polished rim so they are extra smooth.

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I absolutely love these drinking glasses and they are a great conversation starter. They are also really good for the environment. I have already started planning on buying more around Christmas. Down in the South everyone loves unique and recycled drinking glasses!

Price: $24 for a set of 4-12oz Recycled Wine Bottle Short Drinking Glass. They are available in the colors Kelly Green, Olive Green, Clear, and Aqua. They are available in the 16 oz. size too.

The Ultimate Green Store offers so many unique items. Visit here to shop around. Also, if you purchase over $50 in items, use code TUGSFREESHIP you will get FREE shipping!!! Also, you can use code GREEN2014 and get 10% off your order!

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  1. Sherrie C. says

    I agree it cost a small fortune to be green these days but I really do like those glasses. I love the thickness of the glasses also. The Amber color is really nice but my two favorites are the Kelly Green & Olive.

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