Valentines M&M’s in a Jar — Fun


Valentines Day is a day filled with flowers, and candy, and love. If you are wanting to get away from giving flowers or the regular chocolate, or looking for a fun Teachers Gift that your kids can help you do check out this fun crafty recipe. ValentineMandM

Valentine M&Ms in a Jar

1 bag Valentine M&M’s
1 Pint Mason Jar

Fill up your mason jar with M&M’s
Glue the printable label on the top
Add your favorite ribbon around the top


Print these FREE labels and place on top of your mason jar!

Happy Valentines Day Label

**I received nothing for this post, enjoy**

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  1. Justine says

    This is such a wonderful idea! Great for any holiday really since you can easily switch color combos! :)

  2. Sandy Cain says

    Very pretty! I’m not much for Valentine’s Day, but I can see this adjusted for Christmas (red & green), 4th of July (red, white and blue), pastel Easter-egg type colors – anything! Even for DIY favors at a wedding in the bride’s colors, this would be lovely, maybe with a photo of the couple on top. Thanks for the start of a whole new idea! Pinned and VERY definitely planned!

  3. Nancy Chipriano says

    This is such a cute idea and I love that it comes with labels! This could work with all holidays if you have the right color candies!

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