Vodka Infused Gummy Bears


Every once in awhile mommy needs a drink right?? These are super fun to make.. and even funner to eat!!


First you take your gummy bears and put enough vodka in there to cover them completely. I added extra because the gummy bears give the vodka a little fruity taste and makes for a yummy shot :)

Here is the hard part. You have to let them sit for a for awhile. Cover them and let them sit in the fridge for about 16 hours.


And when you take them out you have nice plump gummy bears, drain the vodka out of them.


As you can see there is a noticeable difference in the before (bottom row) and the after (top row). These are super delicious when they are done and very fun for parties.

100_1760 100_1754

And that’s it!! You have a yummy tasting fruity shot of vodka + vodka infused gummy bears!!

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  1. Chantelle Walker says

    So funny! I’ve heard of it before but haven’t actually given it a try. After coming across this… is it a sign? lol 😉

  2. Sherry Martindale says

    I am definitely going to try the Vodka Gummi bears at my next party! Gummi bears are my favorite candy and I think a Gummi bear flavored shot of vodka would be yummy. Also, this is a fun way to get a little tipsy without getting sloppy :)

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