Walmart is my Snackation Destination

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I cannot believe that school is already back in session. I remember it like it was yesterday going to my daughter’s Kindergarten awards day program. We have had a wonderful summer filled with lots of laughs, but let’s be honest, I am just not ready for the summer fun to end. We have decided to prolong summer vacation just a little bit longer and have a “staycation” next weekend. We are going to have a fun filled day with water balloons, water slides, and anything else we decide to get into. I headed to my local Walmart to find some great tasting snacks and treats that we could snack on during the day so I do not have to take time out of the day to spend in the kitchen making snacks, and also so the kids do not have to come in from playing in the pool and dripping water through out the house.

PhotoGrid_1440002974415I love going shopping at Walmart. They are my favorite Snackation Destination. At Walmart, you can find pretty much any snack known to mankind. Our first stop was to find the perfect dip for our strawberries. We love strawberries and I stumbled upon the new Jif Whips. The Jif Whips are available in three different flavors (Creamy Peanut Butter, Peanut Butter & Chocolate, and Peanut Butter & Salty Caramel) and we ended up picking out the Peanut Butter & Chocolate, even though I can’t wait to try out the salty caramel. This along with a big package of strawberries and animal crackers are the perfect go to snack to run by and grab really quick and get right back to playing.

PhotoGrid_1440003225572As I grabbed the Jif Whip, I had a great idea of what I could do with lunch. I grabbed some Smucker’s Squeeze Strawberry Spread so that I could make up a few PB&J sandwiches to shove in the cooler for a quick lunch, without having to stand inside in the hot kitchen. However, I decided to make a little twist on the PB&J and use the new Jif Whips I had just picked up. Now you cannot tell me that isn’t going to be the best thing since sliced bread!

JIf Whips

We are all ready for one last fantastic weekend of summer fun before we have to get into school activities. Check out all of these fun ideas available on My Snackation.

If you are planning an upcoming trip, make sure to visit Walmart, your Snackation Destination!

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