Our Weekend Adventure To The Zoo and The Movies.

* I received absolutely no compensation or samples for this post. I just wanted to blog about our fun weekend*

Shellie and her family recently visited the zoo, so I was thinking about the last time the girls went to the zoo. Kaylee was still in a stroller and was learning how to walk good on her own. I knew a visit to the zoo was overdue.  We waited until the evening before to tell the girls that we were going to the zoo and they were so excited. I asked Aubreigh what animal she was most excited about seeing and she said the Zebra. I turned to Kaylee and asked her which animal she was most excited to see and she said the Gorilla because it loves bananas like she does.

When we got there the girls were so overwhelmed and got so excited. They couldn’t wait to check out the animals and ride on the merry go round. Check out a few of the pictures.

Zoo 1

Zoo 2

Zoo 3

Zoo 4

Zoo 6

And my most favorite part was feeding the birds. I could have seriously stayed there all day.

So we headed back home, the zoo is about an hour from our house. We decided to go out to eat and to a movie. Well by the time we got done with dinner, we still had about an hour before the movie started. We went over to Books A Million. My girls love books so much. Aubreigh found a book she wanted and has been saving up her money to buy it.

So.. time for the movie.. Guess what we went and saw!!!! Transformers 4!


Photo Credit: IMDB

I have seen them all. The 1st one, I admit, I only went and saw it because the new Chevy Camaro was in it. I am a camaro girl. I love them. In fact, my first car was a 1995 camaro. So the 2nd Transformers was better than the 1st and I really don’t remember the 3rd one so it must not have been that good UPDATE finishing this post, I remembered about the 3rd one. They got rid of Megan Fox and Sam fell in love with another girl. Thats why I didn’t remember because I didn’t like it. . But Transformers 4 IT WAS AWESOME!!!!!! They brought back the Dinobots which was the most awesome part of the movie.

Photo Credit: Phil Pirrello

Photo Credit: Phil Pirrello

I would give this movie 5 thumbs up if I could! It is a must see movie!  I didn’t know it, but there are a few cuss words in this movie (I think around 4). The graphics are amazing in this movie and I love how they went another direction with the actors. It was time for Sam to go. After doing a quick search, It has just been released that there will be a Transformers 5!! It would be cool if they brought all of the Autobots in to do a final battle with the Decepticons. We will see.

Thanks for listening to my ramblings :)

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  1. Dominique Balsoma says

    Oh my gosh! I love this write up, I loved all the pictures from the zoo. The Flamingos have always been my favorite animal and I loved the picture of the baby. Not only did you show some awesome pictures, you even went to see Transformers 4 which is one that I want to see. Thanks for an awesome review!

  2. Candace P says

    Thank you for sharing, we just took our little one to the zoo for the first time, it was quite enjoyable

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