Yummy Southern Style Green Beans

Yummy Southern Style Green BeansGreen Beans

I am a southern cook and one of my favorite things to cook is green beans. Everything I cook usually has something to do with bacon in it!! This is my most requested dish for get together’s or parties, so I am sharing it with you!
Yummy Southern Style Green Beans
• 1 Can of your favorite green beans ( I usually use Allens)
• 3 slices of bacon ( I like the thick cut bacon)
• 1 big spoonful of butter
I use an orgreenic pan so my bacon doesn’t stick to my pan when I cook, you might want to put a little butter in your pan so it won’t stick. Cook the bacon about 4 minutes on each side until its crispy, make sure to cook it over medium-high heat. Drain all of the juice out of the can of green beans and pour it into the pan with the bacon and bacon grease (Be careful because the grease is HOT). Then add a spoonful of butter and cover for about 8-10 minutes. Add to your plate and enjoy your southern style green beans.

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